Find out how to participate in or refer patients to the INSPIRE trial

The INSPIRE study will determine whether adding IRX-2 helps delay or prevent oral cancer from coming back after surgery.

IRX-2 will be given in addition to usual cancer treatment that patients and their physicians will select.

For more information about the INSPIRE study, contact IRX Therapeutics at or one of the INSPIRE study investigators.


University of Kentucky Medical Center, Lexington, Kentucky, 40506
Contact: Joy Kimbrough,
Principal Investigator: Joseph Valentino, MD

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48109
Contact: Terri Jobkar,
Principal Investigator: Jeffrey Moyer, MD

Stanford University Medical Center, Stanford, California, 94305
Contact: Nikita Bedi,
Principal Investigator: Michael Kaplan, MD

USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, Los Angeles, California, 90033
Contact: Gina Tse,
Principal Investigator: Jorge Nieva, MD

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, 19106
Contact: Samantha Jaffe,
Principal Investigator: Jason Newman, MD

Providence Cancer Center, Portland, Oregon, 97209
Contact: George Morris,
Principal Investigator: Bryan Bell, MD, DDS, FACS

Banner University Medical Center, Tucson, Arizona, 85742
Contact: Kiley Raica,
Principal Investigator: Audrey Erman, MD

Lenox Hill Hospital, New York, New York, 10075
Contact: Christina Persaud,
Principal Investigator: Dennis Kraus, MD

University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73104
Contact: Nancy Cleaver,
Principal Investigator: Greg Krempl, MD

Emory University—Winship Cancer Center, Atlanta, Georgia, 30322
Contact: Nikki Hirsh,
Principal Investigator: Mihir Patel, MD

Northwell Long Island Jewish Medical Center, New Hyde Park, NY 11040
Contact: Vimla Singh,
Principal Investigator: Dennis Kraus, MD

Sunnybrook Research Institute, Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
Contact: Sharon Braganza,
Principal Investigator: Kevin Higgins, MD

Nebraska Methodist Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska, 68114
Contact: Kathryn Bartz,
Principal Investigator: Aru Panwar, MD


Hospital São Lucas (PUC) Porto Alegre
Contact: Amanda Rocha,
Principal Investigator: Dr. Ana Gelatti

Hospital de Base de São José do Rio Preto
Contact: Virginia Cappi,
Principal Investigator: Dr. Gustavo Girotto

Instituto Nacional do Cancer (INCA)
Contact: Giovana Kovaleski,
Principal Investigator: Dr. Ana Victorino

Instituto Brasileiro de Controle ao Câncer (IBCC)
Contact: Juliana Mauri,
Principal Investigator: Dr. Felipe Cruz

Instituto Goiano de Oncologia e Hematologia (INGOH)
Contact: Mara Rocha,
Principal Investigator: Dr. Wanessa Apolinario Martins

Hospital do Câncer de Londrina
Contact: Mariana Geroldi,
Principal Investigator: Dr. Clodoaldo Zago Campos

Instituto do Cancer do Estado de São Paulo- ICESP
Contact: Rita Tavares,
Principal Investigator: Dr. Claudio Cernea


Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow, United Kingdom
Contact: Anissa Benchiheub,
Principal Investigator: Dr. Jim McCaul

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