The INSPIRE study is one of a series of clinical studies of IRX-2 in people with oral cancer and other related cancers.

The purpose of this study is to understand whether adding IRX-2 helps prevent oral cancer from coming back, or keeps it from coming back longer than if IRX-2 is not given. It will also determine whether IRX-2 helps people with oral cancer live longer.

IRX-2 will be given in addition to the usual cancer treatment that you and your physician select.

Two-thirds of the people in the INSPIRE study will receive IRX-2. The other one-third will not. Treatment will be chosen randomly (by chance). All people in the study will receive the other drugs that are given with IRX-2. Even if you do not receive IRX-2, you will receive other drugs that may also help the immune system function better in patients with cancer.

The first IRX-2 treatment cycle will begin before surgery. Following surgery, patients will receive 4 additional treatment cycles, one every 3 months.

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