The immune system is the body’s defense against infectious organisms, including bacteria, viruses, and other “germs.” The immune system is also important in preventing and fighting cancer. Cancer can survive by blocking your immune system’s ability to detect and fight cancer.

The immune system uses natural chemical messengers as signals to indicate the presence of cancer. These signals help put the immune system on alert to fight threats that may harm you. They also help organize different parts of the immune system to work together.

IRX-2, the drug being investigated in the INSPIRE study, contains several of these natural chemical messengers that may help the immune system work better, in part by directing T cells to multiply and move into a tumor where they can attack the cancer cells.

Scientists believe IRX-2 may help the immune system better fight oral cancer.

IRX-2 Is Designed to Put the Immune System on Alert Against Oral Cancer

IRX-2 is only available as part of a clinical study. It is not yet known if IRX‑2 will help people with oral cancer live longer or better.

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