IRX-2 is given through an injection, using a small needle. The needle is similar to the kind used in flu vaccinations. Before surgery, IRX-2 is given as 2 separate injections on each side of your neck. After surgery, IRX-2 will be given as 2 separate injections on each upper arm. Each injection takes only a few minutes.

Before surgery, IRX-2 treatment is given for a total of 10 days over 2 consecutive weeks along with other drugs that may help influence the immune system and one drug given to minimize possible side effects. These drugs are given on specific days before, during, and after the IRX-2 injections. Including the other drugs, you will be treated for a total of 3 weeks.

Most of these other drugs are pills that you can take orally. One drug, however, is given just once by a tube into one of your veins. These drugs are not part of the standard treatment given to patients with cancer, and it is not known if they will help. However, scientists believe these additional drugs may be beneficial.

After surgery, IRX-2 treatment is given for 4 more cycles, with 3 months between cycles. Each of these cycles consists of 5 days of treatment with IRX-2 and 10 days of treatment with the other drugs.

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